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Small to medium businesses can be overpaying for their electricity by 35%.

As a leading retail energy broker serving North America, we negotiate bids and contracts from multiple suppliers to obtain the best energy rates for you and your retail business.

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Why You Need an Energy Broker


Advantages of Hiring a Retail Energy Broker

Reduce Your Energy Costs

Our goal is reducing energy costs for your commercial business. After evaluating your energy requirements, we’ll reach out to multiple energy suppliers. We’ll negotiate to obtain the best energy rates for your budget and operational needs. Save money by regularly switching suppliers.

Smart Energy Plans for Smaller Businesses

If you’re a small to medium business, you’ll most likely need a fixed-price contract with a rate that stays the same for up to 5 years. We’ll help you negotiate and acquire the best energy prices in North America.

Professional & Experienced Energy Brokers

We carry over 50 years of collective experience and over $100 million in client contracts that demonstrate how we can negotiate and attain the best deals for your retail business.

Save Time, Leave it to the Professionals

Understanding all of the intricacies of the energy market isn’t easy. We act as your energy manager by researching, auditing, negotiating, and gathering quotes while you work on making your business successful

Understanding Your Requirements

Every business comes with its own unique energy needs. We’ll work closely with you to audit your energy requirements and obtain a fixed price that works for your budget and operational needs.

Steer Clear of Rollover Contracts

Business owners may be automatically renewed into an undesirable energy contract without their knowledge. We’ll advise you about the optimal length of your contract that benefits you financially.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

We’ll advise you on ways to reduce your energy consumption by auditing your operations with smart metering and reporting.

Why Choose Paramount Wholesale Energy

Fixed Pricing

During these uncertain times, you can depend on fixed pricing to keep your energy costs affordable and safe from sudden market fluctuations. We’ll help you understand contracts and acquire the best fixed energy rates that make sense for your business.

Industry Rules and Regulations

Understanding the deregulated market means knowing the regulatory framework inside and out. There are many suppliers from renewable energies like sun, wind, and geothermal with many different clients in residential, commercial, or industrial services – all with their own special pricing. We’ll level the playing field for you.

Leading Energy Broker in North America

Since deregulation, the energy market has been open to competitive markets. This means business owners like you can pick and choose from several energy suppliers. Our professional relationships with all of the major energy suppliers will help obtain the best-fixed pricing.

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